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Bank Pocztowy w Bydgoszczy

Bank Pocztowy SA
Head Office Bydgoszcz

Jagiellońska 17
85-959 Bydgoszcz
tel.: 48 52 349 91 00
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Bank Pocztowy SA
Head Office Warszawa
ul. Polna 11
00-633 Warszawa
tel.: 48 22 328 75 00
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Bank Pocztowy w Warszawie

Bank Pocztowy is a retail bank for individual clients with a supplementary offer for micro-enterprises and small enterprises. 
It provides safe and transparent financial services in its own branches and in Post Offices throughout the country.

Our bank was founded in 1990 in Bydgoszcz. The shareholders of Bank Pocztowy are Poczta Polska Spółka Akcyjna 
[Polish Post] (holding 75% minus 10 shares) and Powszechna Kasa Oszczędności Bank Polski S.A. (holding 25% plus 10 shares). The strategic partnership with its majority shareholder provides Bank Pocztowy with Poland’s largest financial services distribution network.  

As Bank Pocztowy is one of the most dynamically developing banks in the Polish market, in 2011, the number of its Clients exceeded one million. The dynamic development is based on the Strategy for the years 2012–15. Consistent implementation of the strategy results, for example, in a high rate of increase in the number of maintained accounts — from 230 thousand 
as at the end of 2009 to 850 thousand in mid-2013. Consequently, for the last two years, the Bank has been among the leaders in terms of the number of newly opened accounts in Poland*. With the potential of Polish Post Offices ensured, the Bank intends to keep up the high growth rate. Currently, the Bank services 1.4 million Clients.

The offer of Bank Pocztowy features simple and customer-friendly financial products. The Bank’s target group are residents 
of towns of up to 50 thousand inhabitants, Nestors, micro-enterprises, as well as small and medium enterprises. The Bank’s network comprises more than 270 branches (including more than 230 small facilities in post offices, as at the end of July 2013) and keeps expanding. Ultimately, the Bank’s network will comprise 400 branches. Moreover, the Bank is present in the Polish Post Network of 8 thousand post offices, including around 2 thousand Post Office Financial Stands — separate counters reserved for financial services. Such an extensive sales network offers unique opportunities of reaching the targeted customer segments, in particular persons residing outside large cities. 

Bank Pocztowy offers customer-friendly financial products in a traditional network but also focuses on the developing distribution channels: its website and call centre. The Bank pays attention to understandable communication — presenting all 
the features and costs of products in a clear manner.

Bank Pocztowy offers to its Clients current and savings accounts, debit and credit cards, cash loans, mortgage loans, 
as well as insurance — together with banking products or as independent policies. The Bank’s services are addressed to retail Clients, as well as micro-enterprises and SMEs.
Financial education plays an important role in the bank’s activities. Bank Pocztowy aims at convincing the group of persons who have never used banking services to start using services offered by the financial sector. Thus, it pursues its social mission — e.g., by presence at Universities of the Third Age, campaigns such as: “Socks on your feet! Money on your account!”, 
as well as dissemination of expert materials in the media.

High quality of Bank Pocztowy’s offer is confirmed by numerous industry awards received in recent years. The Post Office Nestor Account was selected as the best account for seniors by the following newspapers: Rzeczpospolita, Polska The Times and Dziennik Gazeta Prawna. The Post Office Standard Account was awarded as the best account for traditional clients, using banking services in a branch or over the phone (Polska The Times). This account is also a five-time winner in rankings 
of traditional accounts prepared by Gazeta Wyborcza. The Post Office Nestor Account also received the Client's Laurel (Discovery of the Year 2010) — a distinction awarded by the clients. In June 2011, the Bank received the Premium Brand award (“Brand of High Reputation”). In 2012, Bank Pocztowy ranked first in the prestigious ranking of Miesięcznik Finansowy Bank in the mortgage banks category.

Bank Pocztowy also received a distinction in the 7th edition of “The Best Annual Report” competition 
in which the best annual reports for 2011 were selected.
Bank Pocztowy. Simple and accessible banking.


 Poczta Polska S.A. (Polish Post Office) (75% less ten share) and Bank PKO BP S.A. (25% plus ten share) *.

* On 30 June 2011, the Shareholders of the Bank performed a stock split, i.e. a stock divide, by lowering the nominal value of shares from PLN 100 to PLN 10, maintaining — at the same time — the existing share capital. Entry in the National Court Register was made on 7 October 2011 r.


Tomasz BogusPresident of the Management Board
Szymon MideraVice President of the Management Board
Michał SobiechMember of the Management Board
Paweł SpławskiMember of the Management Board
Jerzy JóźkowiakPresident of the Supervisory Board 
Jakub PapierskiVice President of the Supervisory Board 
Janusz WojtasVice President of the Supervisory Board 
Piotr MichalskiSecretary of the Supervisory Board
Paweł BorysMember of the Supervisory Board
Bogusław GrabowskiMember of the Supervisory Board 
Mariusz CzyżakMember of the Supervisory Board 

 Our Services



Individual customer service is one of the strategic routes taken by Bank Pocztowy. Services offered to individual customers are available at Post Offices and the Bank, but also through the Bank's Call Centre.
Cash and cashless transfers to Poland

If you have been wanting to transfer money to Poland quickly, or receive money from abroad while living here, in Poland, you can now do it, thanks to the range of services provided by the partners of Bank Pocztowy! In partnership with US and UK companies we have worked out an attractive offer for international transfers.

The product we have prepared is characterized by:

  • availability - as part of cash transfers service you can withdraw money at one of 5 thousand Post Offices
  • comprehensiveness - possibility of transfers with instruction for cash withdrawal, as well as cashless transfers onto a bank account
  • speed - depends on standards established by the transferring company, however, the service of Bank Pocztowy ensures that waiting time for the transfer is reduced as much as possible
  • security - transfer settlement and cash payment are carried out by Bank Pocztowy and Poczta Polska - both institutions with multiyear tradition and experience
    It's easier with us!


While staying abroad, thanks to the services offered by the partners of Bank Pocztowy you can now:

  • transfer amounts in zlotys, enabling the recipient to withdraw the money at any given post office
  • transfer zlotys into your own zloty account or that of an indicated recipient in Poland
  • settle any type of bills - electricity, gas, telephone etc!



Bank Pocztowy offers a rich and wide variety of products for business customers. Both small companies - with a single person or a few people - as well as large, chain companies will find services to suite them at Bank Pocztowy. It is worth paying special attention to the following: for small companies - the "GIRO-Premium" service enabling one to make compulsory tax and health/retirement insurance payments at Post Offices; for companies which receive a great deal of small payments from natural persons - the "Infotransfer" service, and the Postal Company Account.
Cash and cashless foreign transfers system

Bank Pocztowy has worked out a package of services for mass transfers of resources from abroad. This system has enabled our partners from various parts of the world to offer transfer orders to their customers in Poland and in other countries, using over 5,000 of the Post's cash outlets.

The comprehensive system for servicing transfers to Poland comprises:

  • bank account in the Polish currency,
  • service of currency exchange for bulk inflows into the account in Bank Pocztowy,
  • service of mass payments into zloty bank accounts,
  • service of withdrawals in zlotys at Post Offices and the Bank's outlets.


We are a clearing bank - thanks to the financial services of Poczta Polska we have gained experience in servicing mass payments.
We are a postal bank - we have access to over 5 thousand outlets of Poczta Polska enabling quick and secure withdrawals of cash.

We provide:

  • Financial consultancy - selecting services and financial products concerning effective and legal transfer of resources to Poland,
  • Technological support - setting the mechanisms of the flow of resources to guarantee that the anticipated parameters of transfer speed are obtained,
  • Marketing support - joint marketing enterprises among customers in Poland and abroad. 


For more detailed technical information on how the system of transfers from abroad works contact:

Contact for foreign corporate customers:

Corporate Clients Department,, phone + 00 48 22 328 7571

In case of any inquires feel free to contact us.



Servicing local authorities is another area where Bank Pocztowy operates. The Bank has got extensive experience in this kind of activities. Characteristics of a number of services we have on offer, like "Infotransfer" or account consolidation, make us attractive to Local Authorities.


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