Online and mobile banking

Online and mobile banking

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About the online banking service

With the RWD (Responsive Web Design) technology, the Pocztowy24 online banking service is available at on any device (PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone). You can use the service to conveniently transact on your personal account and enjoy your other banking products on a 24/7 basis. 

You can also bank using the Pocztowy mobile app.

How to start using the online banking service

You will be granted access to our online banking service when you open an account with our Bank. To sign into the Pocztowy24 online banking service, you will need enter your CIN (as indicated on your account agreement) and a one-time password, which you will receive by SMS on the mobile phone number you provided to the Bank. Please note that if unused, the password will expire after 15 hours. This the time limit you will have to sign into the online banking service at and change the one-time password to your own password, which you will use subsequently. 

Your own online banking password should be at least 10 characters long and include at least three of the following four types of characters: a lowercase letter, an uppercase letter, a digit, and a special character (!, @, #, $, ^, &, *, ?, <, >). Your password cannot contain commas, periods, or Polish diacritical characters (ą, ć, ę, ł, ń, ó, ś, ź, ż).

Remember that if you enter a wrong password three times in a row while attempting to sign in, your access to the online banking service will be blocked. How come? This is a security measure that helps prevent unauthorised access to your account. To unblock your access, call the Bank Helpline for assistance.

About the mobile app

The Bank Pocztowy mobile banking service is available through the Pocztowy app. You can download the app from Google Play on an Android device or from the App Store on an iOS device.

The Pocztowy app enables secure mobile access to your personal account and your other Bank Pocztowy products and services. You can use it to conveniently transact on your account, including making transfers, paying your bills, scheduling payments in your Calendar, or accessing the invoice service to pay invoices without manually typing in any invoice details. 

With the Pocztowy app on your device, you can easily generate and apply BLIK payment codes and use the Autopay service to automatically pay motorway toll without queueing.

About the mobile app

How to start using the mobile banking app

Once you have downloaded the Pocztowy app from the App Store or Google Play and installed it on your device, open it and tap the ‘Activate App’ button. Then follow the instructions displayed on the screen: Enter your CIN and tap the ‘Next’ button. You will receive an SMS code on the mobile phone number provided to the Bank to activate the app. Enter it in the right field on the screen and tap ‘Confirm’. Choose a name for the mobile device on which you will use the Pocztowy app and tap ‘Confirm’.

Then sign into the Pocztowy24 online banking service to take the following steps. Go to the ‘Device Management’ section under ‘Settings’. Find your mobile device and activate it by setting a PIN for it (you will also need this PIN to sign into the app in the future). Confirm your PIN with an SMS code you will receive on your mobile phone.

Then open the Pocztowy app on your device and sign in using the PIN you have just set.

Mobile app sign-in methods

After installing the mobile app on your device and activating it in the Pocztowy24 online banking service, you can decide whether you want to sign into the app with your PIN, fingerprint (Touch ID), or face scan (Face ID). Your PIN is set during the app’s activation. It is the default sign-in method and as such is also the default method for authorising your transactions, e.g. transfers you make in the app. 

You can change the sign-in method to Touch ID or Face ID at any time. Then, you will also be able to use Touch ID or Face ID, as appropriate, to authorise transfers of up to PLN 1,000.

Read about Online Banking Security

Bank Pocztowy provides online banking services in strict compliance with all applicable security standards.

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